6 Questions About Indow Window Inserts are Always In Your Mind

Indow window inserts are gaining popularity nowadays, but there are still many who are confused about them or not even aware about the term. Let’s discuss some common questions you have always have in mind:

Q1. Why you must go for Indow inserts over new windows?

Ans. Any original windows will match the character of your home and you can easily replace them, but when you do the aesthetic might get lost. This is expensive and waste of money and effort, instead you can go for Indow window inserts, which provides thermal insulation and also increase the thermal efficiency of your home.

Q2. How do Indow inserts stay in one place?

Ans. indow windowWith a compression tube, the Indow inserts can stay at one place. This tube expands its size into the gap in between the window frame and custom cut acrylic panel.

Q3. In what colours, I can find Indow inserts?

Ans. The edging of Indow inserts usually comes in white, black and brown. The brown colour is somewhat similar to the French Press of Benjamin Moore’s paint collection. For large commercial projects, inserts are available in various other Pantone Colours.

Q4. How noticeable are Indow inserts?

Ans. Unlike bulky frames interior storm windows and cloudy filmy glazes, the Indow inserts are frameless and comprises of highly transparent acrylic glazing. This allows the inserts to practically disappear from the sight after the installation into a window frame.

Q5. How long will Indow inserts last?

Ans. There are no moving parts in Indow Inserts and thus the acrylic will remain transparent. The resilient characteristics of silicone tube, offers the Indow inserts a limited lifetime.

Q6. What to do with the Indow inserts in the summer?

Ans. The Indow inserts can stay in place in the summer season and if you have an air conditioner in your home, you can save on your energy bill and keep your house cooler. With or without AC, in summers your house will be cool and shady.

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