The top causes of roof leaks

The worst you might have to deal with in your home is leakages on your roof. It is merely annoying having drops of water trickling from your roof, and getting to know what causes them might not be secure. However, some of the most common causes of roof leaks are highlighted below;

  1. Cracking of the flashings on the roof that will cause the formation of cracks on the roof
  2. Broken shingles on the roof
  3. When your valleys were not appropriately sealed in the first place
  4. Cracks on the vent booting
  5. When dam ice builds up in your roof after a snowy season-this exerts weight on the roof and ends up damaging it
  6. Inadequate installation of the skylights on the roof
  7. Clogging of the gutters
  8. Cracks on the chimney of your home
  9. Condensation issues in your attic
  10. The roof is only old and worn out and thus susceptible to leakages

Most of the following causes of leaks in a roof are caused by weather conditions such as strong winds and heavy rains. Similarly, when the roof was not correctly installed at the construction phase, then some complications will arise. Take the examples of the valleys not being well sealed, and this exposes the roof to damage that will cause leaks. 

Other common issues that will eventually lead to lakes from roofs include too much water build up on the roof. This would cause heavyweight exerted on the roof that will cause the leakages from the roof. 

Now that you know the major causes of leaks on roofs, you can deal with them to avoid damage on your roof. It would help if you also worked to prevent exposing your roof to either of these as you don’t want to deal with any form of leaks on your roof for any reason whatsoever.