Hardwood floor maintenance tips

Hardwood floors are a perfect design for any room of your home because of the quality finish that they come along with. However, through all the seasons of the year, the hardwood floors are affected with some complications. For instance, during winter, snow, ice, salt, and rain ad dirt in spring, might expose the hardwood floor in your home to damage. 

https://www.woodfloors.org/maintenance.aspxYou can maintain the high-quality appearance of the hardwood floor in your home through the following maintenance practices;

  1. After a spill, clean up the affected area with a slightly damp cloth immediately. The mops should not be too wet as this will damage the hardwood floor intensively. This will help avoid bad reactions from the hardwood floor such as cupping, splitting and gapping from the wood used for the floor
  2. When you bring furniture to a room with a hardwood floor, they will need to have furniture padding to prevent the formation of scratches on the floor. This should be fitted on the legs of the chairs, sofas and even tables
  3. Dust the hardwood floors regularly. This is not only a hygiene issue but works to prevent damage caused on the hardwood floor of your home.
  4. Vacuum the hardwood floor regularly. Vacuuming the hardwood floor works to prevent crumbs and dirt from being all over the floor, that might cause the appearance of scratches on the floor. With time this tends to be ugly marks on the story of the house. 
  5. Re-do the floor after a couple of years. Like every component of your home, the hardwood floor will fade with time and start looking rather dull. You can renew it by getting it recoated. This will make the hardwood floor to regain its stunning appearance once more.

For the cleaning of the hardwood floor, the best choice of cleaner you can use are the wood floor cleaners. This is highly effective and will guarantee excellent results from your hardwood floor. If you live in southern Colorado and are in need of maintenance or even hardwood floor installation Colorado Springs, reach out to Hardwood Floor Refinishing Colorado Springs today.