Signs that your dryer vent is blocked.

Having your household dryer in perfect condition, most of the time provides you with the best experience when you are using it and protects you from some risks. This is because the household dryer has been singled out as the leading cause of fires. To prevent such risks, you can start practicing maintenance practices that will avoid exposing you and your family to dangers such as the flames’ occurrence. 

Dryer vent needing cleaning due to being kinked.

The apparent practice that you should adopt is cleaning the household dryer vent regularly and thoroughly. However, you will also have to check if it is blocked and the following signs should help you know whether it is clogged or not;

  1. It takes longer than usual for your clothes to dry or even that you have to run the dryer twice so that the clothes are completely dry, this is the cause because the dryer is blocked. There is limited airflow that is not able to dry the clothes effectively.
  2. When you can sense a burning smell when using the dryer, a blocked dryer will be affected with lint buildup, and this gets extremely hot with time, and this can cause flammable materials to ignite and cause a fire.
  3. The clothes outside the dryer and also the outside of the dryer becomes unusually hot. The clothes outside the dryer should be cozy and warm, but if they are not, this might be because of the clogging of the dryer.
  4. The buildup of debris and lint outside the vent-the the primary reason why your dryer needs to be cleaned regularly is to prevent either dust and debris from building up. This might lead to clogging if you ignore cleaning and maybe up to the extent that a professional would be needed to correct it. 

The above signs and also when you don’t take the dryer for regular servicing will lead to it being clogged. When you notice either of the following, then you might have to get a professional to deal with it.┬áIn southern Colorado the group at Air Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs is happy to assist with dryer vent cleaning. Call any time for a free, no obligation quote.